Dry skin


Dry skin is different from dehydrated skin!

It may feel the same, but the causes and therefore the approach are different. In our webshop you will find the right products that can support you in obtaining and maintaining beautiful and healthy skin when you have dry skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin means that the sebaceous glands (including the pores) are small, causing a shortage of fats. This skin therefore needs oil-based nourishing products throughout the year. Products with a creamier, fuller texture help improve your dry skin. Shea butter, shea butter cream, jojoba, rice starch, nutrient omega complexes etc. are often used as active ingredients.

A Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin (dehydrated) means that it lacks moisture in the skin cell. But this skin can feel dry or oily at the same time. Dry skin requires moisturizing products depending on various factors. Products that also prevent the skin from losing moisture.

Why is my skin too dry?

The evaporation of moisture through the skin is very precisely regulated. When the skin fats in the skin diminish, it is easier for the skin to let moisture through and therefore the correct balance of the skin's moisture balance is no longer present and the skin becomes dry. This makes dry skin red and flaking. Moreover, there are small gaps in dry skin.

How does dry skin develop?

Every person is different and there is no standard rule why someone gets dry skin. One person will also get dry skin faster than the other. But generically, there are a number of things that ensure that dry skin has a greater chance of developing.

If you wash the skin regularly with soap, the skin is indeed clean, but at the same time literally "degreased": the skin fats are washed away. This makes it easier for the moisture in the skin to evaporate. So much washing with soap and water causes dry skin. People who work a lot with water, soap and cleansers in daily life therefore also have an increased risk of dry skin, especially on the hands. In some professions there is a significant risk of skin dehydration. For example, because the hands have to be washed a lot for professional reasons or by direct contact with substances that can dissolve the skin fats. In the cold seasons, the skin also loses moisture due to, for example, the higher heating, which already makes the indoor climate drier. All reasons that cause dry skin. Nutrition is also a factor, coffee and alcohol removes moisture from the body. Often the products contain active ingredients that the ceramide layer ("cement layer" between the skin cells is restored and kept intact) and these products contain elements such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, thermal SPA water, tripeptide and extract of Ophiopogon (rich in fructosanes).

Day and night creams against dry skin

In our online webshop you will find the best products against dry skin and dehydrated skin. Order easily and see how your dry skin changes into healthy and beautiful skin.


For more than 70 years, the Mila d’Opiz laboratory has dedicated itself to the highest level of skin care.

Hyaluronic4 offers you a care line that has been specially developed for dehydrated skin. Due to a shortage of skin-specific fat substance and moisture, the skin dries out and becomes rough and flaky. This makes the skin more susceptible to external external irritations. Hydro Boost is an innovative skin care line that provides the skin with active moisture reserves and supports the protection barrier during recovery. Thanks to its extra protection, Hyaluronic4 prevents moisture loss through the skin (TEWL), so that the moisture retention capacity is optimized. Special care and hydrating ingredients penetrate deeper skin layers and are stored there for several hours. The skin visibly looks fresher and feels silky soft. Hyaluronic4 is the ideal solution to keep every normal skin in top condition and to restore low-moisture or poorly protected skin.

"The ideal care line to restore dry skin"

New in our Sothys beauty shop: Do you know the magic of hyaluronic acid? It is an important element of hydration! Within our new moisturizing line and thanks to our Sothys Advanced Research, we have 4 sources of hyaluronic acid for 4 hydration power! Patented hyaluronic acid booster, 1055 boletus extract. Hyaluronic acid hpm, free and in patch form Hyaluronic Acid BPM Micro Hyaluronic Acid

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