Sothys Paris Luxury Shower Products

Shower Products from Sothys Paris

Sothys Paris offers a luxurious range of shower products that transform your daily cleansing routine into a pampering experience. Each product is carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients and refined fragrances, leaving your skin not only clean but also hydrated and nourished. Here is an overview of the shower products from Sothys Paris:

  1. Crème Douche Fleur de Cerisier Lotus:

    • Description: A creamy shower cream with the delicate scent of cherry blossom and lotus. This cream gently cleanses the skin and leaves a subtle, floral fragrance.
    • Instructions: Apply a small amount to wet skin, gently massage, and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Gel Douche Cannelle Gingembre (Tube):

    • Description: An invigorating shower gel with the warm and spicy aromas of cinnamon and ginger. This gel stimulates the senses and refreshes the skin.
    • Instructions: Apply a generous amount to wet skin, lather, and rinse off.
  3. Gel Douche Tonifiant Citron Petitgrain:

    • Description: A tonifying shower gel with the refreshing scent of lemon and petitgrain. This gel revitalizes the skin and provides an energy boost.
    • Instructions: Apply a generous amount to wet skin, lather, and rinse off.
  4. Homme Gel Douche Corps-Cheveux:

    • Description: A multifunctional shower gel specifically for men, suitable for both body and hair. This gel thoroughly cleanses and leaves a fresh, masculine fragrance.
    • Instructions: Apply to wet hair and body, lather, and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Eden Park Mousse de Douche Oriental:

    • Description: A luxurious shower mousse with an oriental fragrance, developed in collaboration with Eden Park. This mousse transforms into a rich foam and provides an indulgent shower experience.
    • Instructions: Apply a small amount of mousse to wet skin, gently massage, and rinse off.

By using these shower products from Sothys Paris, your daily cleansing routine becomes a luxurious and aromatic experience, leaving your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and beautifully scented. Discover the refinement and craftsmanship of Sothys Paris in every shower.

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