Serums, ampoules or concentrates

A serum is a liquid and in terms of ingredients it is a lot more concentrated than a cream. The concentrated drops are super efficient. The active ingredients consist of small molecules that work deeper into the skin. An ampoule is contained in a small glass bottle with active ingredients for single use. These active ingredients are also very efficient because they are highly dosed and penetrate deeply into the skin. A serum/ampoule is more expensive than the average product, due to the composition of active ingredients.

They give quick results. A serum or an ampoule will have a specific purpose and result. For example, to reduce wrinkles, to strengthen and lift the skin, to moisturize the skin or sometimes to rid the skin of aging cells. After a week your skin will already improve and after a month you will see a significant difference. This is due to the active substances, the higher the dose, the more effective the product.

It is really very important that you always apply a serum/ampoule to a clean face. Clean your face well so that the serum/ampoule can penetrate well into the skin.

Does your skin look lifeless and dull and does it need a boost? Perhaps a serum from Sothys can offer the solution. There are six serums that all deal with a different aging problem. This makes your skin feel better. Which serums are there?

The Sérum Jeunesse Unifiant has a mattifying effect. Color irregularities and pores become less visible. Surface wrinkles fade.

The Sérum Jeunesse Focus Fermeté prevents skin sagging and lifts the facial features.

The Sérum Jeunesse Reconstituant nourishes the skin intensively and reduces the signs of aging.

The Sérum Jeunesse Détoxifiant Anti-radical penetrates the skin immediately and gives it a radiant effect. Protects the skin against free radicals and stimulates cell renewal.
Ideal for people who smoke and / or sleep very little.

The Sérum Jeunesse Focus Rides fills in existing lines and ensures that the skin surface looks smoother.

The Sérum Jeunesse Oval Parfait helps preserve the contours of the face and smoothes the décolleté.

You use a serum in the morning and in the evening under the day and night care. Do you have multiple skin problems? Then you can also use multiple serums. You then choose one serum in the morning and the other in the evening.

Discover the six serums jeunesse - a cosmetic alternative to dermo-aesthetic procedures such as mesotherapy, thread lifting, ultrasound or hyaluronic acid injections! For a targeted treatment of all signs of aging.

Whether against wrinkles, loss of firming or as a detox cure: textures with high-tech active ingredients are designed to optimally support absorption of active ingredients in the skin. All serums can be combined with each other for a completely individual solution.

Mila d'Opiz concentrate Ampoules:

The beauty concentrate
Luxury care coupled with breakthrough technologies: this is the Concentrate Collection. Each individual drop improves the skin's quality and acts three to five times stronger than conventional essentials.

  • Reduce wrinkles, lines and irregularities
  • Protection and strength for sensitive and stressed skin
  • Moisture and food for the skin
  • Fast action

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