Oily Skin


Definition and characteristics:

A young oily skin has large pores, a greasy and shiny appearance and a thick epidermis, which is also excessively horny, giving the skin a pale color. The pores are often clogged with thickened tallow, which has not been able to drain sufficiently due to the excessive cornering of the epidermis. Excessively horny skin can block the sebum drains. Tallow accumulations in the tallow drainage channels are called comedones (comèdo or blackhead).

The comedones can be harder or softer in composition. Moreover, depending on the degree of cornering of the sebum drainage channel, they can be more or less sealed off from the outside air. Thus one distinguishes the open comedones or dense comedones, called black heads and white heads in the literature.

With open pores, these can also be blocked by dust and dirt from outside. If the sebaceous drainage corridors are closed off by a cornea, small cavities can form under the skin, in which soft sebum subustusions can accumulate. this is called sebaceous cysts. If the sebaceous glands get inflamed, it is called acne. Both large sebaceous glands and excessively functioning sebaceous glands appear to be easily inflamed. oily and oily skin therefore shows a great tendency for acne. Comedones, both white heads and black heads and small cysts in the drainage tubes of the sebaceous glands can often cause inflammation, although hormones and bacteria can also be important causes.


"Gives the skin an even and fresh appearance" Skin Clear offers you a range of products that have been specially developed for impure skin with acne or oily skin with coarse pores. This often leads to a pale complexion and an irregular skin appearance which are caused by the following factors:

  • increase in sebum production
  • clogged pores
  • poor skin condition

Skin Clear is based on this knowledge and developed a new innovative series to meet the needs of oily and mixed skin. Careful deep cleansing of the skin, removal of impurities and dead skin cells ensure a visible and permanent improvement in skin condition. Gives the skin an even and fresh appearance.

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