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The mineral water of Spa was already famous in earlier times. The wealthy came to the town of Spa from far and wide to experience the healing effects of the water. Not only the drinking of the mineral water became popular, also the cures in it took flight. Well-known names such as Tsar Peter the Great, Victor Hugo, Casanova and the Belgian queen Marie-Henriette were regularly guests in Spa. The word Spa is incidentally derived from the Latin 'spargere', which means welling up.

The mineral water of Spa has a unique, pure and constant composition that is due to the special location of the Spa basin, a protected natural area in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, in the Fens. This area has been protected since the end of the 18th century and Spa has now expanded the protection zone to more than 13,000 hectares (130 km2). There is no industry in the area and special measures have been taken so that the soil is not contaminated. The protected nature area that includes all Spa resources is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. The rainwater is filtered through a rich layer of peat and then seeps through the 500 million year old rocks. The hard rocks are not porous and low in minerals. As a result, they filter the water without releasing mineral salts. It can take up to 50 years for the water to reach the springs.

Water and water

All kinds of water are alike in a glass. Yet there are important differences between tap water, spring water and natural mineral water when it comes to origin, purity and composition:

Tap water

Tap water can come from various sources: surface water (lakes, reefs, etc.) and also from groundwater. Filtering and treatment is always required to make water safe for consumption.

Spring water

Spring water is raw water from a recognized, underground source. In contrast to mineral water, spring water does not necessarily have to have a constant mineral composition; this can therefore fluctuate.

Natural mineral waterSpa en mineraalwater

Natural mineral water is water that comes directly from nature and is extracted from deep-lying, underground sources. It contains, as the name suggests, naturally present minerals. Natural mineral water is not treated. That is not necessary because it is 100% naturally pure.

Natural mineral water ...

  • is 100% naturally pure
  • originates in a source that is protected against any risk of pollution
  • is bottled at the source to preserve the unique purity
  • does not undergo any chemical or microbiological treatment
  • has a constant composition


The unique mineral water of Spa Reine is an extremely pure mineral water. The source rises at an altitude of over 440 meters. The water makes an underground journey of about two to three years and during that time is constantly filtered through low-mineral rocks. Thanks to this natural filter, Spa Reine is extremely mineral. With a dry residue of 33 mg / liter, it is one of the lowest mineralized waters in Europe! thanks to this special composition ..

.. young and old can enjoy unlimited mineral water all day long;

.. fits into a low-salt diet. The sodium content is very low;

.. Spa Reine is suitable for the preparation of baby food.

Eau Thermal Spa from Sothys

The new line from Sothys is unique and effective for sensitive skin. The professional treatment is combined with 5 home products. The products are competitively priced.

Sensitive skin has two types, the naturally sensitive skin (genetically determined) and the temporarily sensitive skin (caused by exceptional external factors).

The uniqueness of the composition of Eau Thermal Spa a source of natural mineral water Marie-Henriette has been added. The filtration process of this natural mineral water, purer than spring water, therefore needs 50 years to be filtered into this purest form. The microbiological quality of this water is perfect, which has a positive effect on health. this is recognized by the Superior Health Council.

How does this ingredient work? It contributes to the blocking of epidermic receptors. These are responsible for the feeling of pain and itching on the skin surface. The blockage of these receptors brings the skin back into balance. After all, sensitive skin requires protection, calming and a good balance.


For decades, ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Sage and Panthenol have proven to soften the skin and reduce the tendency towards irritations. New active ingredients such as Bladderwort plus many other valuable ingredients, care, nourish and hydrate the skin. The light texture blends with the skin without emphasizing it. The Mila Sensitive products are suitable for all skin types, but are specially developed for young, normal and sensitive skin. Teenagers, longing for suitable beauty treatments that are efficient and affordable. Effective, uncomplicated, natural skin care for young and normal skin. Sensitive skin with a tendency to allergy also benefits from the mildly stimulating activity of plant extracts. The fine compositions unfold according to the needs of the skin. The intelligent care system of Mila Sensitive offers the skin pure natural beauty.

“Offers the skin pure natural beauty"


The Nutri-Sensibilité series with muesli by Bernard cassière,

soothes the skin and contains probiotics to restore balance. The added honey comes from our beehives in the Corrèze. Honey has a nourishing effect. The muesli series consists of six products:

  • Crème riche façon cold cream
  • Crème apaisante quotidienne
  • Masque apaisant texture skyr
  • Sérum SOS rougeurs
  • Crème mains nutri-protectrice
  • Baume à lèvres nourrissant au miel


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