Tanning without de Sun

With Sothys Brown without the Sun.

It is possible to tan without the sun with self-tanning creams or body lotions. Some people think it's fantastic and others don't like it at all. If you want to get a nice tan without sun, then there are the Sothys products. These self-tanning day creams can be used by both men and women to tan the face and body without the sun. But how do you get the best results and what should you pay attention to?

It is of course possible to buy a bottle of self-tanning day cream at the drugstore for a few euros. But do not expect that you will become evenly brown in a few hours without the sun. You often hear complaints from people who are orange or have stains because they have not turned brown.

We recommend the self-tanning gel from Sothys. This is a really good alternative to the tanning bed and gives a nice, even and natural result. This will make you really tan without the sun.

Because it is gradually absorbed by the skin, it takes a little longer than the cheap self-tanning products, but it is more beautiful and stays active longer. This makes it also cheap to use.

Self-tanning body lotions contain a light dose of active self-tanner that gradually ensures an even color. This gives your skin a natural, summery complexion without the sun. The tanning substance is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is an artificial sugar that discolours the upper skin layer (the horny layer). As soon as you apply it, it is active for six hours. Self-tanner therefore needs around six hours to see results.

Your protection for a youthful appearance The six new products of the series with ultra-sensory textures and floral and vanilla perfumes are not only a delight for the skin, but also offer it protection.
In this way you can optimally benefit all summer long from all the good things the sun has to offer ... and from a radiant tan. The self-tanning gel for face and body makes you tan without the sun in a way that you are sure to like.

This iridescent and slightly tinted gel can be applied easily, spreads evenly and leaves no traces.
The gel is non-greasy and non-sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin.
Provides a gradual and unimaginably natural tanning of every skin color. So you will become really nicely even brown without the sun.

Pay attention! Self-tanning creams do not contain SPF and are not a substitute for a product that protects against the sun.

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